Head of FX

TRIXTER Munich is currently looking for Head of FX to join our team as soon as possible.


The Head of FX is responsible for the day-to-day management of the department operations. With the Head of CG, the Head of FX determines and works towards achieving the smoothest possible workflows and a proper communication with the other departments. Working closely with CG Supervisors, VFX Supervisors, and production, the HOA is responsible for delivering artistically and technically on cross-show quota and setting efficiency targets for the department, by properly distributing the tasks and maintaining the highest quality standards. The Head of FX is also responsible for mentoring and training the team and, together with HR, using KPIs (key performance indicators) to set goals and give constructive feedback to staff. On current and in-bidding projects, the Head of FX allocates department resources and indicates in a timely manner to upper management (HoCG, Production, HR) necessary changes regarding staff, tools and workflows.




  • Assuring the evolution of the department and generating a creative and stable FX pipeline.
  • Together with the Head Of CG, planning and developing the studio-standard FX workflow, tools and their use on shows, as well as assessment and management of resources for FX across all shows.
  • Setting the direction and maintaining standards for the department.
  • Working closely with CG Supervisors and VFX Supervisors on shows to ensure that the FX setups and the shots delivered by the department satisfy the needs of the show.
  • Regularly catching up with FX Leads and FX Crew, reviewing shots and workflows, ensuring parity of approach across Trixter facilities.
  • Coordinating with show Production Managers to produce realistic schedules, assign team resources and ensure show deadlines are met.
  • Helping build and manage the team by being involved in recruitment and career development (training, appraisals).
  • Working closely with software development, Head of CG and Head of Pipeline to spec software needs for FX tools.
  • Actively keeping up to date on RnD and monitoring industry developments in techniques and technologies and overseeing new tools life cycle, including prototypes, beta testing and feedback, and overseeing the roll out of any updates.
  • Communicating with other HODs to ensure quality standards are met.
  • Participating in the bidding process for FX.
  • In conjunction with the Department Manager, ensuring and evaluating the needed personnel for accomplishing tasks.
  • Quality checking the output of the department on all shows, before review admittance.
  • With the Department Coordinator, presents the dailies to the CG Supervisor and VFX Supervisor on the show.
  • Participates in the completion of all shows technical post-mortem​ and follows up on achieving new goals.


Team Management:


  • Establishing and maintaining a professional working environment that fosters a strong work ethic and creates a positive work experience.
  • Training and mentoring department members.
  • Overseeing the onboarding process of new department members.
  • Participating in the recruiting process for artists by reviewing artist demo reels and participating in interviews.
  • Escalation point for leads and artist management to resolve conflicts.
  • Working closely with Recruitment and Human Resources to identify recruitment needs.
  • With the Head of CG, maintaining the department’s Artist Rating System.
  • With the Head of CG and HR, assessing training and development needs for artists.




  • Ensuring project success by making sure show teams have the tools and workflows they need to deliver. on time, within budget and to the highest possible standard.
  • Ensuring maximum efficiency of workflow procedures and tools.
  • Ensuring the generated output data is compatible and clean for use by the dependent departments. 
  • Reports to Head of CG and CG / VFX Supervisor on the show.
  • Direct Reports: FX Leads.


We are very excited to hear from you. Please send your application and earliest availability via email to